H02-1365.3. Centennials of Holland, Michigan. Papers, 1897-1997. 2.25 linear ft.


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Collection includes materials pertaining to the semi-centennial (50th anniversary) (1897), centennial (100th anniversary) (1947), terquasquigenary/semi-sesquicentennial (75th anniversary) (1922), and sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) (1997) of the founding of Holland, Michigan. Semi-centennial materials include official programs, newspaper clippings pertaining to the events, personalities, and history of Holland from 1847-1897. Centennial materials include a centennial special stamp cover, newspaper clippings concerning the planning and events, and items produced or published by the Netherlands Information Bureau that include seven 33 rpm LP records, Echoes of a Century, 1847-1947 (digital); the book prepared by Henry S. Lucas, Ebenezer: Memorial Souvenir of the Centennial Commemoration of Dutch Immigration to the United States Held in Holland, Michigan, 13-16 August, 1947; program of the August 12, 13, and 15, 1947 pageant produced by the City of Holland, “The Past is Prologue: A Portrayal of the History of The City of Holland, Michigan on the 100th Anniversary on its Founding, 1847-1947”; books, Trees to Tulips by Ruth Keppel, which was also produced for the centennial celebration, and Flowering Wilderness: Containing Twenty Articles by Various Authors in Commemoration of the Centennial Celebration of Reformed Churches in the West. The 75th anniversary materials include a 1972 Holland Herald magazine issue dedicated to Holland, Michigan. Sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) (1997) materials include an audiotape cassette titled Holland’s 150th Celebration July 27, 1997: Jubilant Song; Majesty & Glory and a newspaper article.


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