H05-1560. Physical Plant. Records, 1921-2013. 1.25 linear ft. PARTIALLY RESTRICTED


Hope College

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The collection includes elevator test reports (1990-2007), final inspection form (1988), elevator usage approval/denial forms (1988-1999), elevator work tickets (2006-2008), correction orders (1995-1996) and (compact discs (CD) of CAD construction drawings of the Peale Science Center Addition/Renovation (10/28/2004) (As built ARCH A5...11-A8.05E), Peale Arch (11/04/2004) (As built A0.00-A4.34), Cover Sheet Arch. (n.d.) (As built duplicate A0.00-A4.34), Mechanical & Plumbing (10/27/??) (As built CD #2), Van Zoeren/Dow Storage/Cottage/Pres/Fieldhouse/DeWitt Scenery (n.d.), Van Wylen Details, Johnson Controls, DeWitt Kletz (n.d.), Hope College Bookstore (4/08/2004), Vander Werf (n.d.), Art/Maintenance/Public Safety No. 1 (n.d.), Van Wylen Library/Admissions (No. 00), Tennis Facility/President’s House/Vander Werf (n.d.), DeWitt Theatre Rigging (No. 22) (n.d.), Maas Student Conference Center (n.d.), Phelps Hall Misc. (n.d.), Phelps Hall (n.d.), Kollen Hall/Boiler Plant/Haworth Center (n.d.), Van Vleck/Hope Dow/Women’s Dorm (n.d.), Van Wylen (n.d.), Lubbers Fire Alarm (n.d.), Van Zoeren (n.d.), Vander Werf Hall (n.d.), Voorhees (n.d.), Durfee Hall (12/12/2003), Nykerk Hall of Music (n.d.), 100 East 8th Streetbuilding/Knickerbocker Theatre (n.d.), DeWitt Center (11/21/2003), DeWitt, Part 1 (n.d.), DeWitt, Part 2(n.d.), DeWitt, Part 3 (n.d.), Dormitory Group (No. 23)(n.d.), Graves Hall (n.d.), Dimnent Chapel (10/23/????), Dimnent Chapel samples (10/27/????) and Schaap Science Center Adds/Renovations-Electrical Drawings, E0-E2 and ELO (2003) and Schaap Science Center Adds/Renovations-Electrical Drawings, E2-E3 and MPE (2003); Hope College DVD Training Program (2004) that includes DVDs on Emergency Generator, Fire Protection, Air Handling Units, Exhaust Fans, Electrical, Water Treatment, Lab Fume Hoods, Chiller Cooling Tower, and Various Systems, Graves Hall Drawings (as built) (2003) (1 CD), Martha Miller Center for Global Communications (CAD Drawings), Engineering/Physics Research Labs As-Built Drawings, Vander Werf/Van Zoeren, Spring/Summer 2011 (CD). Haworth Engineering Center/Vander Werf Hall CADD As Builts drawings, 2013 (CD). Cook Village drawings (includes warranties & operations/maintenance information), 2013 (3 CDs). Additional hard copy drawings and plans are available for review with advanced notice and within these collections: H88-189.7; and H88-0322. The collection also contains many years of building plans and blueprints and include Admission Building, 1985-1988, 2003 (11 items); Theil Research Center, 1987 (22 items); Yonkman Cottage, n.d. (1 item); Master plan, n.d. (1 item). Historical research in digital form concerning custodial and ground department staff is also included.


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