H15-0239.60. Retired Faculty and Administrators Oral History Project. Records, 2014-ongoing. 1.25 linear ft. PARTIALLY RESTRICTED


Hope College

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An ongoing oral history project to record the memories and thoughts of Hope College faculty and administrative staff upon retirement. The collection includes audiotape cassettes, digital recordings, and interview transcripts in hard copy and digital versions. Completed interviews include David Jensen (2008); Donald Luidens (2014); John Cox (2015), Jack Holmes (2015) (RESTRICTED UNTIL MAY 17, 2021), John Shaughnessy (2015), John Tammi (2015); Marc Baer (2016), Anne Larsen (2016), Gloria Slaughter (2016), Boyd Wilson (2016); Christopher Barney (2017), Linda Dykstra (2017), George Kraft (2017), Tom Ludwig (2017), James Piers (2017), Peter Schakel (2017), Michael Seymour (2017), Vicki TenHaken (2017); Sander De Haan (2018); William Cohen (2019), Mary Linda Graham (2019), Perry Landes (2019), Greg Maybury (2019), John Patnott (2019), Thomas Renner (2019), Brad Richmond (2019), Steven Smith (2019); Herb Dershem (2020).


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