H20-2052. Center for Global Engagement. Records, 2019-2020. 1 folder.


Hope College

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The Center for Global Engagement is the home for off-campus study programs and the international student and scholar community at Hope College. It serves as the connection to campus while students are abroad. The Center was founded in 1990 to serve as the jumping-off point to studying off-campus or introduction to life at an American college. The Center can trace its roots back to 1956 with the first Vienna Summer School trip. With over 300 programs to choose from in 60 countries, the Center is well-versed in helping you make studying off-campus a priority. For those students from abroad, it’s a chance to bring a global understanding to all of our local students in Hope College classrooms. Its mission is to encourage students to step beyond borders and connect with the global community and to integrate the perspectives of international students and scholars into the campus community, to provide off-campus study opportunities for all students and to stimulate conversation surrounding cross-cultural and global issues—all of which contribute to the globalization of the Hope College campus. The collection includes SCAPE magazine, Host Family Program brochure, Global Travel Program flyers, and program information card. (C)


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