H18-1986. Bus, Siewert (1854-1938). Papers, 2018. 1 folder.


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Siewert (Simon) Bus was born in Middelstum, Groningen Province, the Netherlands, in 1854 to Jan Jans Bus and his wife. In Middelstum, he was trained and worked as a carpenter, like his father. His father immigrated to the United Sates in 1870 with Rev. Bernardus De Bey (Beij). Jan returned and moved the rest of the family, made up of his mother, Siewert, Jan (John), Grietje, Menne (Charlie), Cornelius, and Aeltae (Alice), to Chicago, Illinois, in 1872. He married Anje (Annie) Veenkamp in 1878. The couple’s children were Grace, John, Belle, Charles, Cornelius, Alice, Siewert, and Marinus. The collection includes the edited 1933 autobiographical manuscript of Siewert Bus, written when he was 78 years old and edited by his great-grandson, Ken Bus, in May 2018, and three digital images of the family. (B)


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