H17-1971.10. Schoone-Jongen, Robert P. Paper, 2007. 0.25 linear ft.


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Robert P. Schoone-Jongen received his B.A in history from Calvin College, his M.A. in European history from the University of Kentucky, an M.A. in U.S. history from the University of Delaware, and his Ph.D. in 19th century U.S. social history from the University of Delaware. Schoone-Jongen, who taught high school history for 27 years before going to Calvin College, is the advisor for secondary education in history and social studies. He co-directed the 2012 NEH Summer Institute for Teachers, “American Frontiers in Global Perspective.” The specific historical contexts upon which he concentrates are immigration to the United States through 1920, the American presidency, and the impact of religion on everyday lives. The collection contains his doctorate thesis, “A Time to Gather, A Time to Scatter: Dutch American Settlement in Minnesota, 1885-1910.”


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