W16-1436.10. Divinity Hall. Records, 1954. 0.50 linear ft.

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The collection contains a memorial book with pages of information and photographs of those memorialized and those who donated money to the building of Divinity Hall and Dormitory. Those memorialized are Rev. and Mrs. Enne J. Heeren by Mr. B. Heeren; Rev. John A. Otte, M.D. by Rev. and Mrs. H. J. Pietenpol; Mr. and Mrs. John Van den Berg by their children; Reverend Gerrit J. Nykerk by his son Professor John B. Nykerk; Rev. John G. Fagg, D.D. by his aunt, Mrs. Teunis Tillema; Rev. Henry Nitchie Cobb, D.D.; Rev. Frederick James Zwemer by the Ladies Missionary and Aid Societies of Hope Reformed Church (Westfield, North Dakota); Rev. George Sayles Bishop by his wife, Mrs. George S. Bishop; Rev. Joachim Elmendorf, D.D. by two of his friends and parishioners residing in Albany and Syracuse, New York; Rev. John H. Karsten, D.D. by Mr. Henry Giebink; Rev. Henry Joldersma by his brother Sye H. Joldersma; Mrs. Ann Van Nest Bussing by her daughter Miss Mary Bussing; Rev. William P. Bruce, D.D. by members of his church at Yonkers, New York; Rev. Peter J. Zwemer by Mr. and Mrs. Eben E. Olcott; Rev. Talbot W. Chambers, S.T.D. LL.D. by his surviving children; Rev. Isaac W. Gowen, D.D.; Rev. Harry Wiersum by the Young People of the First Reformed Church of Chicago, Illinois; Rev. Walter C. Roe, D.D. by Mrs. John S. Bussing; and Rev. Adrian Zwemer by his sons Revs. James F. and Samuel M. Zwemer.


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