W02-0812. Revised Bible. Papers, 1879. 0.25 linear ft.

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Pamphlets describing the revision of the Bible including: Anglo-American Bible Revision. Its Necessity and Purpose, by Members of the American Revision Committee, 1879; Companion to the Revised Version of the New Testament, Explaining The Reasons for the Changes Made on the Authorized Version, by Alex Roberts, D.D., 1881; The Difficulties and Advantages of Bible Translation. A Sermon by William M. Taylor, D.D., 1877; he History of the Bible and of the New Revision, by Rev. L.T. Chamberlain, D.D., 1881; Private and Confidential Documentary History of the American Committee on Revision, 1883; Report on the History of Recent Collation of the English Version of the Bible, American Bible Society, 1851; The Revision of the Bible, A Sermon, Preached in the South Congregational Church, Boston, February 23, 1879, by Edward E. Hale; The Revision of the English Version of the Holy Scriptures by Philip Schaff, 1875; Illustrations of 242 Languages and Dialects in Which the Holy Bible In Whole Or In Part Has Been Printed & Circulated, Columbian Exposition, American Bible Society, 1893.


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