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The World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) has its early roots in the 16th-century Reformation, but was officially founded in 1970 with the merge of two separate religious bodies consisting of an alliance of Presbyterian and Reformed churches and the International Congregational Council. With over 75 million members in 214 church bodies across the globe, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches constitutes its dedication to spreading the word of God and inspiring the acts of the Holy Spirit within each and every individual with whom it comes into contact. The alliance is best known for the Belhar and Accra Confessions of 1982 and 2004, in which the group opposed any church doctrine that sanctioned the separation of peoples on account of color or race and acknowledged the Christian calling to advocate social and economic justice. In 2005, the WARC and the Reformed Ecumenical Council (REC) came together under one banner with the REC becoming a subgroup of the WARC. A year later, however, the name of the group was changed to the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), which is the current title of the organization that is continuously called to communion and committed to justice. The World Alliance of Reformed Churches collection consists of articles, thirteen issues of the Bulletin, numerous conference packets, correspondence, and meeting minutes; pictures of the RCA attendees at a General Assembly, reports, sermons, a publication of the Department of Theology of the World Presbyterian Alliance and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, and publications from the 1982-1983 apartheid trauma.


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