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Free bi-monthly publication published by Tommy and Alicia DeVries in Holland, Michigan, spotlighting businesses. Started in the fall of 2005, includes advertisements, local events, hobbies, crafts, recipes, and contests. The magazine added Her Lakeshore: Experiencing Her Life to the publication with the August/September 2009 issue. The collection includes two issues from each printing starting in October/November 2005 and continuing. Articles about historic businesses include: Fabiano Peanut Store (October/November 2005), Lokker Rutgers (December/January 2006), Holland Country Club and sledding (December/January 2006), Fris Office Outfitters (February/March 2006), History of Tulip Time (April/May 2006), The History of Hardie Jewelry (April/May 2006), Holland Boat Builders (June/July 2006), Dick and Marti Sligh and Grand-Craft boats (June/July 2006), RepcoLite Paint and Ben and Dave Altena (including Dutch Mill Paints and Jake Rezelman Paint Manufacturing Company) (June/July 2006), Rein Vanderhill (June/July 2006), Ted Boeve (June/July 2006), Wings of Mercy (June/July 2006), Sharon Fisher of Model Drug Store (June/July 2006), Crane Orchards (August/September 2006), Ken VanNuil (August/September 2006), Model Drug Store and Apothecary Gift Shop (soda fountain) (August/September 2006), Kate Moynihan Gallery (August/September 2006), local grocery stores including Wiersma’s Central Park Foods, Minit Mart, Yff’s Grocery Store, Charley’s Market among others (August/September 2006), Mike Karas of Crazy Horse Steakhouse & Saloon (August/September 2006), organic food outlets (August/September 2006), Peg VanGrouw and Lakeshore Youth Leaders (August/September 2006), Blue Star Antique Trail (October/November 2006), Henry VanderLinde (October/November 2006), Marlene Boonstra (October/November 2006), Fading Poles (barbershops in Holland) (October/November 2006), Ruth Burkholder (owner of Avalon School of the Arts) (October/November 2006), Macatawa Greenway (October/November 2006), Teerman’s Gift Shoppe (former Teerman Hardware Company) (now located in storefronts formerly occupied by DePree Hardware Store, A. Steketee and Sons, Miller-Jones Company, S. S. Kresge Company, Sears Catalog, Taylor’s Men’s Shop) (December/January 2007), “Streetbox: Better Gift Giving, A Gift Unto Itself” by Alexander Fink (December/January 2007), artist Irene Gates (December/January 2007), Macatawa Greenway (December/January 2007), Ad Van den Akker, managing director of Windmill Island (December/January 2007), Superior Sports Store (formerly known as Superior Cigar Store) (February/March 2007), artist Jennifer Gardiner of Hope College (February/March 2007), golfer Jake Meurer (February/March 2007), Macatawa Greenway (February/March 2007), Bunte’s Pharmacy (formerly known as Haan’s drugstore), Shaker Messenger owner Diana Van Kolken (February/March 2007), “Fight or Flight” by Alexander Fink (February/March 2007), de Vries Photography (E. J. McDermand, Van Koevering, Nicholas de Vries, John F. de Vries, Nick de Vries, Bulford Studio, Chris de Vries, Heritage Studio, Justin de Vries) (April/May 2007), “Tricked Out Cell Phone” by Alexander Fink (April/May 2007), James Spoelstra (April/May 2007), Macatawa Greenway (April/May 2007), lady golfers Dot Strengholt and Cel Kleinheksel (April/May 2007), City of Holland’s Center of Centers (corner of 16th Street and River Avenue) (April/May 2007), Les Lanser (JQ99-99.3FM and The Pledge (1260AM, Lanser Broadcasting) (April/May 2007), Way Cup Café (April/May 2007), “Failing Thomas Jefferson (and Ms. Farnsworth)” by Alexander Fink (June/July 2007), Reliable Sport (Ken Vos, Edward Vos, Arie Vos, Golden Eight Ball pool hall) (June/July 2007), Susan Mulder (artist) (June/July 2007), Paddle Trips/Macatawa Greenway (June/July 2007), Piper Restaurant/Pat Eldean (June/July 2007), [Gerrit] Buis Mattress/Gerrit Buis & Son Upholstery Company (August/September 2007), “Holland: Falling Upwards, Growing Sideways & Getting Younger” by Alexander Fink (August/September 2007), married golfers Robert and Helena Brinks (August/September 2007), Cool Spot #4 (Macatawa Greenway) (August/September 2007), Urban Hiking on the Wellness Trail by Amy Alderink (August/September 2007), Urban St. Profile: Jim Jonker (August/September 2007), Meyer Music House (Hans Meyer, William Brouwer, Albert Meyer, Koos Nibbelink, James A. Brouwer, Frederick Meyer (October/November 2007), Michigan: Why Leave? (You’ll Just End Up Coming Back Later) by Alexander Fink (October/November 2007), Melanie Aves (artist/writer) (October/November 2007), Elmer Walcott (October/November 2007), It’s Up to You (Macatawa Greenway) (October/November 2007), City Flats Hotel (October/November 2007), Gretchen’s Landing (Gretchen Vereeke) (October/November 2007), Holland’s Treasurers (antiques) (October/November 2007), A Moment in Season by Karly Fogelsonger (December/January 2008), A Time for Resolution by Alexander Fink ((December/January 2008), Urban St. Profile: Jack Groot (J.P.’s Coffee) (December/January 2008), Scrap Yard Lofts by Amy Alderink (December/January 2008), local golfer Dale Vonk by Steve Scheuermann (December/January 2008), Lakeshore Toys for Tots: Celebrating 60 Years! (December/January 2008), Locale (Alpenrose Restaurant) by Chelsea Hall (December/January 2008), My Chuckle-a-Minute Love/Hate Affair with Airports and the Airline Industry by Alexander Fink (February/March 2008), The Profile: Jane Clark (February/March 2008), Urban Outlook: Downtown Living by Amy Alderink (February/March 2008), Pillar: The Holland Bowling Center (February/March 2008), Who: The Holland Rescue Mission (February/March 2008), Street Box: One Man’s Love for a City by Alexander Fink (April/May 2008), The Profile: Benjamin A. Smith III (April/May 2008), Urban Outlook: Kollen Park by Amy Alderink (April/May 2008), Pillar: One Family Business Ends While Another is Preserved (Holland Bow Mill, Dave Grier, Chester Van Tongeren, Dutch Novelty Shop, Klompen, Fred Oldemulder, Wooden Shoe Factory, Fuller Woodenware by Karly Fogelsonger and Alicia DeVries (April/May 2008), Special Feature: Dutch (Holland High School marching band) by Tommy DeVries and Alicia DeVries (April/May 2008), Locale: A Restaurant & Wine Shop (Butch’s Restaurant, Butch Terhaar) (April/May 2008), Locale: Appetizers (Pereddies) (April/May 2008), Locale: Baha Grill (April/May 2008), Spectrum: Lightscapes (Tim LaDuke, photographer) (April/May 2008), Local Intelligence: Centennial Park Fish pond by Ranae Walkotten and Derk Walkotten (April/May 2008), Who: Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity by Alicia DeVries (April/May 2008), Street Box: Things I Learned from a Chicken by Alexander Fink (August/September 2008), The Profile: Stuart Padnos (August/September 2008), Urban Outlook: Energy Efficient Homes by Amy Alderink (August/September 2008), Centennial Pillar: Louis Padnos Iron and Metal Company by Alicia De Vries and Vicky Buck (August/September 2008), On the Curb: Beautiful Scrap? by Vicky Buck (August/September 2008), Local Intelligence: The Journey of a Yellow Bag by Renae & Derk Walkotten (August/September 2008), Spectrum: Vital Signs by Steve Van Dommelen (August/September 2008), Who: WeKandu by Tamara Elhart (Kandu, Inc.) (August/September 2008), Green Feature: If You LEED They Will Follow by Vicky Buck (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System, City Flats hotel, City Vu Bistro, GMB Architects (August/September 2008), Book Review: Green Rules by Michele Lonergan (August/September 2008), Buy Local: L.I.B.A. by Michele Lonergan and Tommy De Vries (August/September 2008), Locale: The 100-Mile Diet by Chelsea Hall Karly Fogelsonger (August/September 2008), What About Bob by Tommy DeVries (October/November 2008), The Profile: Bumble Bea’s and The Hives (October/November 2008), Urban Outlook: Harness the Wind? by Amy Alderink (October/November 2008), Pillar: Maples: The Benjamin Van Raalte Farm by Alicia DeVries (October/November 2008), Local Intelligence: To Drink or Not to Drink (alcohol history) by Karly Fogelsonger (October/November 2008), Spectrum: A Good Time in the Park (Centennial Park) by Michelle Pawlak (October/November 2008), Who: Deanna’s Playhouse by Bob Armour (Life Services System of Ottawa County, Deanna DePree) (October/November 2008), Locale: Remember When Café by Chelsea Hall (October/November 2008), Locale: Boatwerks on Appetizers by Chelsea Hall (October/November 2008), Street Box: Today’s Geniuses are Tomorrow’s Fools by Tommy DeVries (December/January 2009), The Profile: Juke Van Oss (December/January 2009), Urban Outlook: The Deck by Amy Alderink (parking garage) (December/January 2009), Pillar by Alicia DeVries (Isaac Cappon house and family history) (December/January 2009), Beauty & Fashion: You Glam Girl by Shauna Smith(December/January 2009), Local Intelligence: Snow…Melting by Karly Fogelsonger (snow melt system) (December/January 2009), Spectrum: Local Festivities by Michelle Pawlak (holiday events in Holland) (December/January 2009), Who: Greater Ottawa County United Way by Louann Werksma (December/January 2009), Locale: A New ‘Biscuit’ in Town by Chelsea Hall (The Biscuit restaurant, Gerow family) (December/January 2009), Locale: deBoer’s Knows Tradition (DeBoer’s Dutch Brothers Bakkerij, bakery) (December/January 2009), Street Box: Pizza Fanatic by Tommy DeVries (February/March 2009), The Profile: Sue Hutchinson (February/March 2009), Urban Outlook: Business Garden (February/March 2009), Pillar: Beginning of Hope by Geoffrey Reynolds (February/March 2009), Beauty & Fashion: Know Yourself by Shana Smith (February/March 2009), Who: Holland Area Newcomers by Cathy Lebster (February/March 2009), On the Curb: See What You’re Doing by Steve Van Dommelen (entrepreneurs, local businesses, Bryan McCranner, Holland Vision Systems (HVS)) (February/March 2009), Spectrum: Muse All Year by Michelle Pawlak (music venues in downtown Holland) (February/March 2009), Local Intelligence: Let it Snow, Let it Snow by Karly Fogelsonger (snow and street maintenance in Holland) (February/March 2009), Locale: Tres Lobos by Chelsea Hall (February/March 2009), Locale: Apps at the Rose (Alpen Rose Restaurant) (February/March 2009), Locale: Skiles Tavern (February/March 2009), Street Box: Going Local? by Tommy DeVries (April/May 2009), History: The Graceful Bird by Alicia DeVries (April/May 2009), Community-Personal Profile: Larry Erlandson (April/May 2009), Community-Local Intelligence: Hand Planted (tulip planting) by Derk Walkotten (April/May 2009), Community-Non-Profit: Center for Women in Transition by Mary Louise Avery (April/May 2009), Arts & Culture: Park Theatre: The Extremely Underground Show by Michelle Pawlak (April/May 2009), Arts & Culture: Dutch Dance: Dangers of Dutch Dancing by Michelle Pawlak (April/May 2009), City Hall-Urban Outlook: Park of Parks by Amy Alderink (April/May 2009), City Hall-From the Mayor: Lucky Guy by Mayor Al McGeehan (April/May 2009), Business-Chamber: Keep Shopping – Here! by Liz Hoffswell (April/May 2009), Lifestyle-Fashion & Beauty: Bright and Beautiful by Shauna Smith (April/May 2009), Lifestyle-Locale: North and South: Twenty Years of Spot On Cuisine! (China Inn, 84 East, New Holland Brewing Company) by Chelsea Hall (April/May 2009); Hope College: Growing as a College by Geoffrey Reynolds (June/July 2009); Personal Profile: Andrew Page (Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holland (June/July 2009); Non-profit: Boys & Girls Club Offers Haven for Local Youth by Andrew Page (June/July 2009); From the Mayor: Heinz Waterfront Walkway by Albert McGeehan (Kollen Park) (June/July 2009); Chamber of Commerce: Minority Business Awards by Liz Hoffswell (June/July 2009); Locale: Give Thai a Try by Chelsea Hall (Thai Palace, Sue Somsanith) (June/July 2009); Mount Pisgah: 157 Feet Up (June/July 2009); History: Hope College: Building on a Firm Foundation by Geoffrey Reynolds (August/September 2009); Community: Personal Profile: Glenn Van Wieren (August/September 2009); City Hall: Urban Outlook: Finding Your Green Thumb by Amy Alderink (August/September 2009); City Hall: From the Mayor: Holland is a Happenin’ Place by Mayor Al McGeehan (August/September 2009); Business: Chamber: Tweets, Links and Fans for Your Business by Liz Hoffswell (August/September 2009); Business: News Focus: Getting Creative to Attract Customers by Paul Van Kolken (August/September 2009); Lifestyle: Locale: More Than Just Food: Experience the Fare and Ambiance at Wild Chef by Chelsea Hall (August/September 2009); Thrift Store Fashions: Finding Bargains and Helping Noble Causes by Elizabeth Corbin (August/September 2009); A Day in Her Life: Radio Personality/Schedule Juggler: JQ 99’s Ceci Labarge Finds Ways to Fit Everything into a Day (August/September 2009); History: Hope College: Moving Forward and Outward by Geoffrey Reynolds (October/November 2009); Community: Personal Profile: Al McGeehan (October/November 2009); Community: Non-Profit: Harbor Humane Society (October/November 2009); Community: Local Intelligence: Pet Therapy by Sue Ann Culp (October/November 2009); Arts & Culture: AP Theatrical Productions: Dinner and a Movie? By Sue Ann Culp (October/November 2009); City Hall: Urban Outlook: Conserve First by Amy Alderink (October/November 2009); City Hall: News Focus: The Mayor Al Era [McGeehan] by Paul Van Kolken (October/November 2009); City Hall: From the Mayor: Farewell from Mayor Al [McGeehan] by Mayor Al McGeehan (October/November 2009); Business: Chamber: Make a New House Your Home by Liz Hoffswell (October/November 2009); Lifestyle: Locale: Sweet Treats and More by Chelsea Hall (October/November 2009); Community: Personal Profile: Veronica Bosgraf (Pure Bars) (December/January 2010); Community: Non-Profit: Choral Artistry for Fifty Years and Counting (Holland Chorale) (December/January 2010); City Hall: Urban Outlook: Ah…Neighbors! (neighborhoods of Holland) (December/January 2010); Buy Local: News Focus: LIBA Business Owners are Everywhere (Lakeshore Independent Business Alliance) (December/January 2010); Made in Michigan: News Focus: Birds in Hand by Paul van Kolken (David and Sally Nye, Michael Swartz-Castle Park builder) (December/January 2010); Lifestyle: Locale: Local Buzz (Joe2Go coffee, Lisa Homik, coffee houses, JP’s Coffee and Espresso Bar, Lemonjello’s, The Good Earth Café, deBoer’s Dutch Brothers Bakkerij and Restaurant, Way Cup Cafe) (December/January 2010); Community: Personal Profile: Ken Vos: Ken Vos (Reliable Sport/Fun, Inc., Ed and Joyce (Wierenga) Voss, Ski Haus, Golden 8 Ball Billiards) (February/March 2010); History of Hope College: Forty Years of Presidents and Growth Change by Geoffrey Reynolds (Calvin Vander Werf, William Vander Lugt, Gordon Van Wylen, John Jacobson) (February/March 2010); City Hall: Urban Outlook: Snowmelt Shufflers by Amy Alderink (February/March 2010); Made in Michigan: News Focus: Mother Crunch & Good Life Granola by Paul van Kolken (Barb Kuipers, Hot Shop in Jenison Park, Don Kuipers, Sandy Point restaurant of Port Sheldon, Wooden Shoe restaurant, Dee and Mike Freestone, (February/March 2010); Lifestyle: Locale: Good to Go by Chelsea Hall (Good to Go, Lance Sonneveldt) (February/March 2010); Lifestyle: Locale: Visiting the Sugar Bush (The Maples, The Historic Van Raalte Farm) (February/March 2010); Community: Personal Profile: Judy Tuinega (Tulip Time, Dutch dance, Dutch Heritage Show) (April/May 2010); Community: History: 75 Years of Dancing Feet by Sue Ann Culp (Tulip Time costumes, Dutch Dance, (April/May 2010); City Hall: Urban Outlook: Neighborhood Stabilization (Homecor, Gordon Van Wylen, Community and Neighborhood Services department, Home Repair program) by Amy Alderink (April/May 2010); Lifestyle: Locale: City Vu by Chelsea Hall (April/May 2010); Made in Michigan: News Focus: Tomorrow’s Heirlooms: An Art in Rug Hooking by Paul Van Kolken (Fred Blair, Nancy Blair) (April/May 2010); A Cornerstone of the Community by Amy Alderink (Herrick District Library) (October/November 2012); Zeeland-Peep, Peep by Alicia DeVries (Zeeland turkey farm, Rufus VanOmen, Central Farms Hatchery, Dauwe M. Wyngarden, Marvin DeWitt, Bill & Marv Hatchery) (October/November 2012); Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter by Jennifer Reynolds (Steven Rinella) (October/November 2012).


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