H89-0331. De Hollander. Newspaper, 1851-1860, 1866-1895.


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Originally published in the English and Dutch languages at Allegan, Michigan, by Hawkes & Bassett from September 1850 to 1852 when the weekly was moved to Holland, Michigan, by editor H. Doesburg. It continued as an English and Dutch language newspaper, The Hollander and De Hollander until July 1857 when the English language editor, Henry D. Post, left to form an English language only newspaper, but still under Doesburg’s publishing house. The De Hollander continued in the Dutch language until December 24, 1895. It played an important role in the history of Holland, Michigan, and was, at times, strongly arrayed against the father and founder of the colony, Dr. Albertus C. Van Raalte. Microfilmed: 1850-1857 (incomplete, also includes September 1, 1869); 1857-1860; 1871-1874; 1874-1876; 1876-1880 (also includes November 24, 1885). (Dutch) (Microfilm Cabinet)


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