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Trinity Reformed Church was formed in 1911 as the Fifth Reformed Church in Holland. The ministers who have served there include John Van Peursem, 1912-1918; Clarence P. Dame, 1918-1930; Henry D. Ter Keurst, 1930-1950; John M. Hains, 1951-1957; Harland H. Steele, 1957-1962; associate pastor, Kenneth W. Van Wyk, 1958-1963; pastor, Gordon L. Van Oostenburg, 1962-1978; director of Christian education, Wilbur D. Daniels, 1963-1969; associate pastor, Craig W. Seith, 1970-1974; Wilbur D. Daniels 1972-1977; minister of education, Arlin W. Vande Zande, 1976-1979; associate pastor, Theodore F. Zandstra, 1978-1984; pastor, Merwin D. Van Doornik, 1979-1989; associate pastor, Mical Pugh, 1985-1992; pastor, Terry Nyhuis, 1991-1999; associate pastor, Stanley Vugteveen, 1992-2000; pastor, Mark Mast, 2000-2007; pastor, Christopher DeGraaf 2009-present. The collection includes anniversary booklets, the building proposal and dedication records from 1983, weekly bulletins from 1924-2014, membership directories from 1924-2014, minister records of numerous ministers, an incomplete set of newsletters, newspaper clippings from 1912-2005, and various miscellaneous materials and records from church events over the years.


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