H03-1520. PowerQuest Boats. Records, 1983-2011. 4.50 linear ft.


Hope College

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Holland boat manufacturing company, known as Power Play Boat Company from 1983-1992, founded by Todd Kamps and Kevin Hirdes with the construction of an 18’ fiberglass sport boat, one day to become a company that would build high performance sport boats. The company known as PQ Marine Holdings, Inc. (2007-2011) (formerly known as PowerQuest Boats, Inc. (1992-2006) was the last owner to manufacture the brand. Collection includes slide copies, photocopies of brochures and some original brochures, artwork for brochures (slide transparencies) and manufacturing, photographs, retail price lists from 1985-2011, ca. 1997 video titled “PowerQuest: Get Your Hands on the Best,” and newspaper clippings about the companies changes, growth, and demise.


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