H11-1799. Mast Family, Benjamin Klaas. Papers, 1848-1978. 2.00 linear ft.


Hope College

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Emigrant family from Staphorst, the Netherlands, to America aboard the ship Harvest, in 1848. They settled in Drenthe, Michigan, that same year. The collection includes real estate and family documents, and includes family members Jan and Allltje Vander Ploeg Mast and their children Roelof Mast, Hilbert Mast, Hendrik Mast, and Geesje Mast. Documents and images also concerning Hilbertand Matje Jans Ydenn Mast and their children Aaltje Mast, Jan Mast, Klaasje Mast and Jantje Mast, Hendrik Mast and his first wife, Klaasje Ijden, and their children Jan Mast and Jantje Mast, and his second wife Lijsje Idjen and their children Alltje Mast and Klaas Mast, Benjamin Klaas Mast, Henry “Hank” and Annie Berens Klass and children Henry, Lena and Tille, Klaas Mast, Harmje Mast, Lysje Mast, Ralph Mast. The collection also includes postcard images of Reeman, Michigan, railroad depot and town, Drenthe, Michigan, schoolhouse, and Reward of Merit for Klaas Mast from his teacher H. Kronemeyer (1863).


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