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Ninth Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was organized February 23, 1892, with seventy-seven communicant members. The new church, located on the corner ofWatson StreetandDelony Avenue, was dedicated September 15, 1892. The church disbanded October 29, 1978. Ninth Reformed Church was the original sponsor of The Other Way, a community west-side ministry. Ministers who served Ninth Reformed Church were: Rev. H. K. Boer, 1892-1895; Rev. J. W. Te Winkel, 1895-1899; Rev. H. P. Schuurman, 1900-1903, 1929-1931; Rev. C. Heines, 1903-1907; Rev. Rense H. Joldersma, 1907-1909; Rev. Anthony Karreman, 1910-1914; Rev. John Van Westenberg, 1915-1918; Rev. John A. Van Dyk, 1918-1923; Rev. Gerard M. Van Pernis, 1924-1929; Rev. Lester J. Kuyper, 1932-1936; Rev. Rensa Dykstra, 1937-1947; Rev. John Minnema, 1948-1961; Rev. Richard Ter Maat, 1964-1973; Rev. Harry P. Mencarelli, 1974-1978. The collection includes consistory minutes from 1892-1964 in six bound volumes. Early minutes are written in Dutch and starting with June 1, 1920 (Book 4), the records are written in English. Anniversary information, financial reports, Sunday school, society and mission records, and communion pitcher and cups.


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