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Dr. Albert Gaw is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco. The books included in this collection were dedicated to his teachers, the late Tena Holkeboer, and the late Rev. Joseph and Mariam Esther, as well as spiritual mentors, the Rev. Henry Michael and Stella Veenschoten, Reformed Church missionaries to China and the Philippines. The late Tena Holkeboer, and the late Rev. Joseph and Marian Esther taught him at Hope Christian High School in Manila, where he graduated. In addition, he worked with the late Rev. Henry Michael Veenschoten and Stella Veenschoten as members of the Vesper Choral Group that produced music for the weekly Chinese Temple Time radio broadcasts that were beamed over Southeast Asia countries, including mainland China, as well as working on the Amoy Hymnal. Dr. Jack Hill, Veenschoten’s son-in-law, persuaded him to go into psychiatry. The collection includes the publication Hope Christian High School, Compass Class of 1956, 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book (2006), and two books written by Gaw, Empowered (2013), and The Eyes of the Heart: The Biblical Path to Spirituality and Inner Empowerment (2007).


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