W88-1207.10. Broekema, Ruth (1899-1977). Papers, n.d., 1925-1978. 0.50 linear ft.

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Ruth Broekema was born on March 6, 1899, in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Hope Preparatory School in 1919 and Hope College in 1923. She served the Reformed Church in America (RCA) as a missionary to China (1924-1951), Philippines (1952-1954), and Taiwan (Formosa) (1954-1964). She passed away in Holland, Michigan, in 1977. Collection includes biographical information, a citation from the Fukien Christian Educational Association for her service in China during the Japanese occupation of China (1944) (see WTS Oversized Collections Cabinet Drawer), photographs at a church in Changhua in 1978, and two photograph albums of her time while a missionary.


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