W12-1397. Michigan, Grand Rapids. Seventh Reformed Church. Records, 1967-2002. Digital.

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The collection includes approximately 3,500 sermons delivered from the pulpit of Seventh Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan, from the years 1967 to 2002. The recordings have been edited so that only the scripture reading and sermon are presented. The files are stored in “.mp3” format. A computer or similar device is required to play this audio. The audio files are all named according to the date that they were originally recorded. However, to more easily access the audio files, the files were sorted by date, Catechism, minister, text or scripture. The audio on all these files was originally recorded in analog format, and converted into digital 24kb mp3 files. Considering the age of some of the cassette tapes, the audio quality has not significantly deteriorated. The listener will also note that the recordings were mixed live, so they are not studio quality. Of interest are the recordings made before 1974. The recording process for these was as follows: The worship service was first mixed at the church and then sent to radio station WFUR over telephone. WFUR then recorded that feed and broadcast it to their listening audience, where it was recorded by one of our members on reel-to-reel tape. Recordings from 1974 to the present were made on standard cassette tape at the church and are available by contacting the Joint Archives of Holland.


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