H03-1477.10. De Pree Art Center. Records, 1984-2006. 1.50 linear ft.


Hope College

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Originally a factory for the Sligh Furniture Company, the building is named in honor of Hugh De Pree (DePree), former president of the Herman Miller Company and president of Hope College’s Board of Trustees. The art center (also known as De Pree Gallery) was dedicated on October 15, 1982. Collection contains a topical file on the building, exhibit guest books and exhibit posters and catalogs from many exhibitions hosted in the gallery portion of the building. Exhibit materials include exhibit file for Henk Helmantel, 1997; exhibit catalogs include “Art of Everyday Life in Ethiopia and Northern Kenya-From the Collection of Neal W. Sobania,” 1992; “Dutch Art & Modern Life: 1882-1982,” by John Wilson, 1982; “The Kawashima Collection,” 1993; "”Meta/Physics: Crossing Boundaries in Contemporary Photography,” 1995; “Pre-Modern Art of Vienna, 1848-1898,” edited by Leon Botstein and Linda Weintraub, 1987; “The Printed Age: Etchings and Engravings Collected by Dr. Richard Wunder and made available to Hope College by Dr. Maurice Kawashima,” 2009; “The Refined Image: Aspects of Dutch New Realist Painting,” 1985; “Searching for the Spiritual,” 1997; “Visions from Vienna: The Collection of Paul G. Fried,” 1996. Poster titles and subjects include: “Bruce McCombs 2005” (October 14-November 23, 2005); “Art By and About Women” (Frances Gillespie, February 22-March 28, 1998 and Michigan Women’s Invitational: A Woman’s Intuition, April 3, June 27, 1998); “Katherine Sullivan and Israel Davis” (January 9-February 6, n.d.); “Days of Saints and Souls, a Celebration of The Days of the Dead,” October 20-December 2, 1990; “The Refined Image, Aspects of Dutch New Realism,” September 7-October 15, 1985; “Steve Nelson,” February 17-March 21, 1997; “Cultural Reflections: Work from the Dennos Museum Center’s Inuit Art Collection,” January 31-March 17, n.d.; “Vanishing Point,” April 4-May 5, 1986; and “Senior Art Show,” April 1-May 8, 1988. (See Hope College Non-Photographic Media Cabinet for posters.)


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