W13-1408.10. New York, Marion. First Reformed Church (1870-1998). Records, 1870-1897. Digital.


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The First Reformed Church of Marion, New York, started services in 1860 and formally organized in 1870. The congregation disbanded in 1998. Pastors for the congregation included: John W. Warnshuis, 1871-1876; Cornelius Wabeke, 1877-1880; Matthew Kolyn, 1881-1886; Simon M. Hogenboom, 1887-1890; Peter Ihrman, 1891-1896; Albert H. Strabbing, 1897-1899; William H. Bruins, 1900-1910; Dirk L. Betten, 1910-1920; Arend J. Te Paske, 1920-1923; Henry Van Dyke, 1923-1928; John A. Van Dyk, 1928-1937; Harold J. Schut, 1937-1940; Willard G. Meengs, 1941-1944; Anthony P. Dykstra, 1944-1948; James B. Muddle, 1949-1953; Paul W. Kranendonk, 1954-1958; Jack Fairey, 1959-1963; Don J. Bekkering, 1964-1966, Norman D. Van Manen, 1967-1969, Barclay B. Fishburn, 1971-1973; lay pastor, Linwood Dietz, 1973-1976; stated supply pastor, Robert Willett (Baptist); 1976-????; stated supply pastor, Robert McIntyre, 1984-1985; consultant pastor, William H. Hoffman, 1986-1998. The collection contains digital records of membership and baptisms for the church, 1870-1897.


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