W13-1408.20. New York, Pickleville/Pultneyville. East Williamson Reformed Church (1870-1995). Records, 1847-1947. Digital.


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The East Williamson Reformed Church began in 1847 as a Presbyterian Church of Pickleville (the former Rockleville). The East Williamson Reformed Church was formed with members of the former congregation in 1870. It was originally made up of members of neighboring Pultneyville Reformed Church in1847 and then separated in1851, reunited in 1862 and then separated for good in 1870. The congregation disbanded in 1995. RCA pastors for the congregation included: A. B. Veenhuizen, 1870-1881; John W. Te Winkle, 1882-1886; Gerrit H. Hospers, 1887-1892; Maurice Ossewaarde, 1893-1897; George C. Dangremond, 1898-1903; Gerrit Tysse, 1903-1911; John Ossewaarde, 1911-1918; Martin E. Koster, 1918-1941; Victor J. Maxam, 1942-1946; Henri J. Steunenberg, 1947-1952; Martin Hoeksema, 1953-1959; Gerald A. Heersma, 1960-1969; John Vander Tuin, 1970-1981; visiting pastor, Barclay B. Fishburn, 1973-1986; Leonard Masquelier, 1981-1984; stated supply pastor, John Mallin, 1984-1989; Jack Van Dyk, 1989-1992. The collection includes digital copies of consistory, marriages, membership records and history, 1847-1947.


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