H90-1096. English 113. Oral History Interviews. Records, 1977. 1.00 linear ft.


Hope College

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Interviews conducted by Professor Charles Huttar’s English 113 class in the spring semester of 1977. Thirty-four people were interviewed and asked to tell about their life experiences. A tape recording and/or transcript of each of the interviews included, except where noted. Interviewees are: John Amaya, (tennis); Mrs. Barb Appledorn, transcript only (klompen dancing; includes photograph); J. Russel Bouws, transcript only (Russ’ Restaurant, Tulip parade, Hedcor-Holland Economic Development); Ed Brolin, (Baker Furniture Museum); Ann Brouwer, transcript only (electric car, Brouwer Furniture, Tulip Festival); Robert Brown, (psychology, clocks); Jo Cooper, transcript only (China painting); Clarence De Graaf, transcript only (Hope College, Tulip Festival); Jacob De Graaf, transcript only (Tulip Festival); John De Jonge (Holland Police Department, problems in Holland city); Ben and Mildred De Vries, transcript only (missionaries, India); Father Dsidro Gargantiel, transcript only (Mexicans, Mexican Christians); Becky Goldberg, transcript only (caught in Buffalo blizzard 1977); Donald Kiekintveld, transcript only (9th Street Christian Reformed Church (Pillar Church) (chimes); John Ligtvoet, transcript only (Netherlands, barber); Marilyn Macilwain, transcript only (Shutters Shop); E. J. McLean, transcript only (ship captain, weather conditions on the lake); Cora Moerdyke (Iraq, Mohammedism, missionary, Third Reformed Church); Fred Oldemulders (immigration, wooden shoe making, Tulip Festival); Cornelius Persennaire (Nigeria, Africa, African people, missionary); Hesper Raymond (Ottawa County, Republicans, problems in Holland); Elizabeth Reedy, transcript only (Quakers, Rural Humanities Program); Ray Romeyn, cassette tape only (candle maker, railroads); Sacoro Ruiz (Mexico, Mexican Christians); Lois Sinke (Zeeland history, Holland history, Holland City News, antiques); Pete Sterk, cassette tape only; Mr. and Mrs. Vander Borgh (poultry, Vander Borgh Oyster Company); John VanderBurgh (painted glass) (photographs included); Charles VanderVen (barber); Klaas Veen (Netherlands, Dutch Underground, difference U.S. and Netherlands); Robert Visscher (former mayor of Holland, dry cleaning laundry); Mrs. Martin Weerstra, cassette only; (Netherlands, Underground); Gerde Westerink (Netherlands). Also includes a cassette tape of a middle school student discussing maple syrup.


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