H10-1761.10. Vandenbeldt Family, Hendrick. Papers, 1947. 1 folder (digital only).


Hope College

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A 1947 history, written by Fred Vandenbeldt, of the Klaas and Janna (Boeve) Vandenbeldt family emigrating to the United States from the Netherlands via New Orleans in 1847. They also moved on to Fremont, Michigan, in Newaygo County. The history includes information on the Hendrick (Henry) and Paulina (Steketee) Vandenbeldt family,George Deur, Klaas VandenBeldt, G. J. Kroon, J. VanDyke, and Garrit Hekhuis, Walter Nyson, Henry Van Lante, George Barks, William Deur, Gerrit VanGoor, C. Baars, Kloet family, Benjamin Rookledge, Maitland Westover, Frank Nyhof, George Quick, Warren Bradway and Corneal Bowman. Other spellings of the family included van den beldt and VandenBelt. This document is only available in digital format. (V)


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