H89-1035. Stephan, Elaine. Papers, n.d. 1.50 linear feet.


Hope College

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The collection contains six photograph albums of the Phelps family. The Dr. and Mrs. John A. Otte album contains images of Mrs. (Adriana) Dr. John Otte, Dr. John A. Otte, Miss Cappon, Miss Zwemer, Mrs. John A. Otte and Betty Otte, Mrs. C. Otte, Frances Phelps (1885), Mrs. R. Doornink, Rev. Motoitero Ohgimi [also noted as Motoichiro, Ohgimi], Dr. Christian Vander Veen, Professor Hoedemaker, University of Michigan classmates of Dr. John A. Otte, Mr. and Mrs. Don Steketee of Grand Rapids, Rev. Philip Phelps, H. L. Powell, Dr. Van Zwalenburg, Mrs. Andrews (missionary to Turkey), Dr. John B. Nykerk (1889), Dr. Woods Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Van Lindenhout, Mrs. Van der Loon, ice skating party of friends at the University of Michigan (1885), William L.M. Phelps, Mrs. (Jane) Erasmus Darwin Jones, Philip Phelps graduation from Union College, Eliza Phelps college graduation (1883), Libby Jones, Fred E. Wadhams, Dr. C. E. Jones, Mrs. Robert (Annie Jordan) Lewis, Ed Beers, Will Beers, Dirk Lindenhout, Ann Winchell, Van Sloveren family, Philip T. Phelps as child, Mr. Van der Weyden of Amsterdam. The Margaret Phelps Otte album contains images of Amoy, China, and Formosa areas. The Eliza Phelps album contains images of Mr. and Mrs. (Hannah) Philip Phelps, Sr., Dr. Philip Phelps, Philip T. Phelps as child, Eliza Phelps, Ed Bedell, Will Phelps, Elizabeth Phelps, Anne Phelps, Dr. Charles E. Jones, Emma Jones, Mrs. Philip Phelps, Frances Few Christie Phelps as child, Lizzie Phelps as child, Ed Bedell as child, Philip T. Phelps as child, Ed Beers as child, Will Beers as child, Dr. Erasmus Darwin Jones, Mrs. (Jane) Erasmas Darwin Jones, Bessine Jones as child, Mrs. Dr. Rheuben Jones, Will Phelps, Linnie Phelps as child, Clara Phelps as child, Martha Phelps as child, Bessie Jones as child, Fannie Phelps as child, Annie Phelps as child, Katie Beers as child, Fannie Phelps as child, Lizzie Phelps as child, Philip T. Phelps as child, Theodore Phelps as child, Dr. Isaac and Mrs. Wykoff, Mrs. Van O Linda, Ryozo Tsugawa, Motoitero Ohgimi [also noted as Motoichiro, Ohgimi], Kumaje Kimura, Tametsne Matsda. The Frances F.C. Phelps album contains images of Mrs. Frances Few Christie, Frances Few Christie Otte as a child (1864), Charles Herrick, Charles Jones, Emma Jones, Kumaje Kimura, Motoitero Ohgimi [also noted as Motoichiro, Ohgimi], De Witt (Hope College janitor), Tametsne Matsda, Prince Albert (husband of Queen Victoria of Great Britain), Queen Victoria, King Edward of Great Britain, Empress Eugenie of France, Cornelius Vander Meulen, Mary Post (Dutton) as a child, Philip T. Phelps as a child, Bastian Smits, Ryozo Tsugawa, Evert VanderHaart, Charles Jordan. The Mrs. Philip Phelps (Margaret Anna Jordan) album contains images of Rev. Philip and Mrs. (Margaret Anna Jordan) Phelps, Philip Phelps as a child, Frances Phelps Otte as a baby, Lizzie Phelps as a child, Dr. Erasmus Darwin and Mrs. (Jane) Jones, Will Phelps and wife (Martha), Mr. and Mrs. (Carrie) Ed Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. (Esther) Jordan, Eliza Phelps, Ed Bedell as child, Chalie Jones as child, Ann Phelps, Elizabeth Phelps, Andrew Jordan, Dr. Isaac Wyckoff and wife, Dr. Campbell, Dr. George Washington Bethune?, Dr. [Smedes?]Hutton, Mary Pruym, Elizabeth Hutchins, Frances Few Chrystie, Mrs. Few, Chrystie family members, Dr. Henry Foster, Mrs. (Christina) Albertus C. Van Raalte. The Philip T. Phelps album contains of Dr. Philip Phelps, Mrs. Philip Phelps (Margaret Anna Jordan), Mrs. John A. Otte (1884), Rev. Philip Phelps, Lizzie Phelps (1885), Theodore Phelps, Betty and John Otte, Adriana Otte Scholten as a child, John and Adriana and Betty and Frank Otte with Fong Lo in Amoy, China, Will Phelps and daughter, Ed Bedell, Mrs. Ed (Carrie) Bedell, Dr. Philip Phelps (1894), Mrs. Philip (Margaret Anna Jordan) Phelps, Lizzie Phelps and her students in Pennsylvania, Dr. John Otte and his family (1908), Mrs. R. (Annie Jordan) Lewis, first women graduates of Hope College (Sarah Gertrude Alcott and Frances Phelps Otte-Class of 1882 and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Phelps and Mary Alcott Diekema-Class of 1885), Dr. Geritt Kollen, Dr. Peter Moerdyke, Prof. John B. Nykerk, Dr. George Dowling, New Brunswick Theological Seminary professors (Samuel Merrill Woodbridge, David O. Demarest, William Mabon, John De Witt, Dr. John Gulian Lansing (1889), Dr. Samuel Zwemer (1889), Dr. James Cantine (1889), ? Otte and Dr. James Cantine and Rev Philip T. Phelps (1896), Mrs. Katherine C. Phelps, John Sawyer Phelps, Ryozo Tsugawa (1869), Bessie Wadham, Rev. Frank Scudder (1889), Rev. Louis Chamberlain (1889), Rev. Edwin Talmage (1889), Rev. Edgar Tilton (1889).


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