H96-1284. Piers, Henry and Nellie. Papers, n.d., 1854-1911. 1 folder.


Hope College

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The collection includes original and translated legal documents, correspondence and advertisements concerning the daily lives of sickness, suffering, religious life, friendship, courtship, profession of faith, farming, and the weather concerning the lives of Henry and Nellie Piers and others, who include W. Hosling, Dr. Bos, John Breuker, Jan Breuker, Ty Vink, Graafschap, Geert W. Horlings, N. F. Visch, Hendrik Eulerink, Janna Eulerink, Jan Eulerink, Bentheim, the Netherlands, Dutch Reformed Congregation of Polkton, Michigan, Fenne Horlings, Fannie Harlevijs, Lukas Elbers, Jan Piers and Fennegien Breuker of Filmore Township and Laketown Township marriage certificate (1883), H. Breuker family of Ellensdale (Allendale?), Michigan, Henry Olert of Muskegon, Michigan, Harm Beckmann of Muskegon, Michigan, and a public auction flyer to be held on the farm of John Piers near Graafschap and Central Park (Holland area) in 1911 by H. Lugers & C. D. Schilleman, auctioneers. (Legal-P)


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