H06-1601. Osborn, Barbara. Papers, ca. 1892. 1 folder.


Hope College

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The collection includes the informational and illustrated booklet "Holland, Michigan," ca. 1892, which includes images of local businesses and homes, and information on local businesses and businessman. They include photographs of: Residence of A. Steketee, First Reformed Church, Residence of Prof. J.W. Beardslee, Tub and Pail of J. & A. Van Putten, Residence of Isaac Cappon, Third Reformed Church, Residence of John J. Cappon, Residence of G. J. Diekema, Factory of Ottawa Furniture Company, Post Block (Store of P. W. Kane and Store of B. Steketee, President’s House, Hope College, De Grondwet-News Printing House, Residence of A. Visscher, Residence of P. Brown, Residence of Geo. H. Souter, Residence of G. W. Mokma, Residence of W. H. Beach, Residence of J. G. Van Putten, Waverly Stone Quarry, Kanters Bros Hardware Store, Residence of I. Marsilje, Factory and Warerooms of the West Michigan Furniture Company, Hope Church, Phoenix Planing Mill, Residence of, Prof. G. J. Kollen, Novelty Wood Works, Van Vleck Hall at Hope College, City Hall, Residence of Heber Walsh, Residence of U. Devries, Ninth Street Christian Reformed Church, Stores of Bosman Bros. & Co., A. Steketee, C. A. Stevenson, Central Dental Parlors, Lake Side Furniture Company, Residence of H. Boone, Store of Engbertus Van der Veen, Walsh De Roo Milling Co.’s Roller Mills, First State Bank, Stores of Notier & Verschure, McBride’s Block (Store of Wm. Brusse & Company, City Mills, Planing Mill of James Huntley, Factory of C. L. King & Company, Residence of George P. Hummer. It also includes information on some of the industries and their officers of Holland that include: The Cappan & Bertsch Leather Company, John Bertsch (President), Isaac Cappon (vice president), George Fallard (Secretary), William Cartwright (Treasurer); Lakeside Furniture Co., H. Takken, C. Cook and P. De Spelder (proprietors); Phoenix Planing Mill, Scott & Schuurman (owners); Waverly Stone Co., H. D. Post (president), John Roost, H. H. Pope (vice president), W. J. Garrod (secretary), J. C. Post (treascurer), F. C. Hall (manager); Chicago & West Michigan R. R.; J. & A. Van Putten (manufacturers of tubs and pails); The Walsh-De Roo Milling Co. (flour mill), Isaac Cappon (builder, president), Heber Walsh (builder), G. T. Huizinga (builder, vice president), W. C. Walsh (builder), C. J. De Roo (builder, secretary and treasurer); C. L. King & Co. (basket manufacturer), Hanchett Paper Co. of Chicago (part of company); Alfred Huntley, (machine and engine shop); City Flouring Mills, C. P. Becker (owner); Ottawa Furniture Co., James Huntley (president), H. Van Ark (vice president), J. G. Van Putten (secretary and treasurer), George W. Browning (manager); Ottawa County Building and Loan Association, George Ballard (president), Matthew Notier (vice president), Charles A. Stevenson (secretary), C. Verschure (treasurer), A. M. Kanters (attorney), board of directors: Henry Hremers M. D., Henry Martin, Benj. L. Scott, D. L. Boyd, John Elferdink Jr.; W. H. Beach (grain and hay business); Holland City State Bank, Jacob Van Putten (establisher), J. Van Putten (president), A. Van Putten (vice president), C. Ver Schure (cashier); First State Bank, Isaac Cappon (president), J. W. Beardslee (vice president), Isaac Marsilje (cashier), board of directors: Henry Kremers, M. D., G. J. Kollen, J. W. Garvelink, G. W. Mokma, G. J. Diekema, J. C. Post; Holland City News (newspaper), Dr. S. L. Morris (founder), Mr. L. Mulder (owner); Hope College (part of the Reformed Church in America), Rev. Philip Phelps, D. D. (first president), Rev. G. H. Madeville, D. D. (second president), Rev. Charles Scott, D. D. (third president); City Hotel, George N. Williams (manager, proprietor), William Kellogg (establisher), Francis E. Dulyea (clerk). It also includes leading merchants and business houses like: Wm. Brusse & Co. (clothing and furnishing business),Wm. Brusse (establisher); A. Steketee (general store); Kanters Bros. (hardware; formerly R. Kanters & Sons), R. A. & G. A. Kanters (owners); De Kraker & De Koster (meat market), Louis De Kraker (partner); E. Van Der Veen (hardware), J. A. Van Der Veen (manager); H. Boone (livery and exchange stables); J. A. Brouwer (furniture trade; formerly H. Meyer & Co.); B. Steketee (general store, storekeeping) ; Notier & Verschure (general store), Matthew Notier & John Verschure (owners); P. W. Kane (stationary, book, and drug store), Dr. Yates (once business partners: Yates and Kane); G. W. Mokma (educational and financial interests of Holland, postmaster and keeper of general store of Graafschap, supervisor of Allegan County, director of First State Bank, member of school board); Rinck & Co. (furniture); Central Dental Parlors, Doctors D. M. Gillespie & C. E. Lemley (conductors); George H. Souter (fruit and ornamental tree nursery); G. J. Van Duren (Postmaster of Holland, footwear store); Isaac Marsilje (financier, cahier of First State Bank, secretary and treasurer of Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Co.); G. J. Diekema (Michigan Legislature, Mary E. Alcott, (wife of G. J. Diekema); C. A. Stevenson (jeweler); Peter Brown (raises money for city improvements, secretary and treasurer of The Third Reformed Church), Ebba Lundblom (wife of Peter Brown); John Pessink (the City Bakery); U. Devries (saddle and harness business); J. G. Van Putten (mercantile, secretary and treasurer of Ottawa Furniture Company, partner of J. Van Putten & Sons); Prof. G. J. Kollen (Hope College Professor, director of First State Bank, Elder and Trustee of Hope Church), Mary W. Van Raalte (Kollen’s Wife); Bosman Bros. (tailoring business); P. H. McBride (legal, owner of McBride block); Rev, J. W. Beardslee, D.D. (RCA, professor at Hope College), Sarah E. Armitage (Beardslee’s wife); Dr. Henry Kremers (physician, director of First State Bank). (O)


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