Submissions from 2012

Fer Kinase is Required for Hematopoietic Development in Zebrafish, Elizabeth Billquist, Jessica Kozack, and Erin Hildebrandt

The Effects of Aquatic Insect Nutrient Subsidies on Plant Quality and Insect Herbivore Growth, Hilary Bultman, David Hoekman, Jamin Dreyer, and Claudio Gratton

Environmental Enrichment Devices Decrease Feather Picking in Commercially Raised Pekin Ducks, Sarah Colton

Extending the AMBER Force Field to Describe Fluorescent Probes, Andrew Cook, Arcelia Ortega, Alyssa Stevenson, Derek Summers, Alyssa Cassabaum, Christine Gobrogge, Bryan Leland, David Paul, and Amy Speelman

Fasting Reduces Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in the Pekin Drake, Part II: Localization of and Effects of Fasting on Gonadotropin-Inhibitory Hormone Expression in the Hypothalamus, Erika Coombs, Elizabeth Gerometta, Sarah Colton, Sara Gallemore, and Abigail Lindberg

Real Time Analysis of Protein xCT in System xc-, Cassondra Cramer, Anne Georges, and NaTasha Schiller

Homocysteic Acid and Homocysteine Toxicity as a Model for Schizophrenia, Chris Davis, Guillermo Flores, and Sheri McCormack

Cold Acclimation and Central Administration of Homocysteic Acid in Rats: A Potential Model for Schizophrenia, Christopher Davis, Guillermo Flores, John Kemink, Jacqueline Logan, Mara McMurray, Lauren Reif, Aaron Sayfie, Catherine Strahle, and Alyssa Wagner

Fasting Reduces Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in the Pekin Drake, Part I: Localization of and Effects of Fasting on Galanin-Like Peptide Expression in the Hypothalamus, Elizabeth Gerometta, Erika Coombs, Abigail Lindberg, Sarah Colton, and Sara Gallemore

Investigating the Cytotoxic Effects of Mycobacteriophage Vix Gene 80, Danielle Goodman

The Maintenance of Reproductive Status in Pekin Drakes Requires Both Red and Blue Wavelengths of Light: Relationship to Opsin-Related Proteins in the Hypothalamus, Rachel Haas

Biological and Chemical Study of Apios (Groundnut), Austin Homkes, Holly Vander Stel, Jeffrey Corajod, and Jim Tufts

Reproductive Success of Nestbox-Using Birds is Influenced by the Type of Pole the Nestbox is Mounted On, Kayli Horne

Antifungal and antileishmanial properties of tropical pioneer plant seeds, Erica Jansen

CRB, a Resveratrol Analog, Reduces Cell Injury Caused by Surgery Mimicking Deep Brain Stimulation, Abigail Lindberg, Sara Gallemore, and Zachary DrBruine

Invasive Spotted Knapweed Alters Insect Communities on Native Common Milkweed and May Confer Associational Resistance, Ingrid Slette

Activation of System xc­ Trafficking via an Akt­dependent Signal Transduction Pathway, Daniel Smith, NaTasha Schiller, and Mary Bradley

Pond-Specific Dynamics of Fish at the Outdoor Discovery Center and the Influence of Predatory Fish on Species Interactions, Matthew Smith, Marissa Martz, Kelly Krueger, Jacob VanderYacht, Joseph VanderYacht, and James DelBene

Influence of endophytic fungi infecting tall fescue on parasitoid performance, Sherri Smith

Anxiety Levels in Dancers During Performance Compared to Rehearsal, Part I: Changes in Salivary Cortisol Levels Associated with Stress., Heather Stiff, Ariana Cappuccitti, Allyson Dreger, and Rachel Cho

Anxiety Levels in Dancers During Performance Compared to Rehearsal, Part II: Changes in State Anxiety Levels Associated with Stress, Heather Stiff, Ariana Cappuccitti, Allyson Dreger, and Rachel Cho

The Role of Nro1p in Recognition and Signaling the Presence of Dietary Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Marshall Willey

Homocysteic Acid Treatment in Rats to Determine Gender Differences and Possible Development of a Novel Schizophrenic Model, Philip Zuska, Lindsay Schell, Michael Parrish, Kelsey Moore, Elizabeth Fast, Ashley Drew, Andrea Dimet, Sharina-Mae Bello, and Lydia Baxter-Potter

Submissions from 2011

Isolation and Genome Sequencing of Two Novel Mycobacteriophages, Optimus and Sassafras, Alexandra Benson, David Blystra, Chrissla Boyea, Rachel Butts, Catherine Calyore, Christopher Davis, Guillermo Flores, Lauren Janness, Kelsey Jeletz, Joshua Kammeraad, Taylor Mann, Danielle Mila, Shayla Patton, Caitlin Ploch, Matthew Ringel, Austin Roblyer, Daniel Schriemer, Thomas Smeltzer, Jonathan Turkus, and Holly Vander Stel

Effects of Sunlight and Fire on Autumn Olive (Elaeagnus umbellata) Fruit Sugar Concentration: Do Burns Help or Hinder an Invasive Plant?, Hilary Bultman and Danny Ackert

Horizontal Gene Transfer of Plastid Genes between Parasitic Plant Balanophora and Hosts, Jeffrey Corajod


Effects of Population Dynamics and Competition on Parental Investment in Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis), Nickolas Davros and Jennifer LaRoche

Phylogenetic Relationships between Series of Syringa and Support of Ligustrum Relationship inferred from Sequences of Chloroplast DNA, Jeffrey DeYoung

Identification of a Cytotoxic Gene in Mycobacteriophage Vix, Danielle Goodman

Screening Extracts from the Tropical Pioneer Plants Bocconia frutescens, Guettarda poasana, and Phytolacca rivinoides for Anti-Parasitic Activity, Erica Jansen

A Fer Kinase Homologue is Expressed during Zebrafish Development, Jessica Kozack, Erin Hildebrandt, and Elizabeth Billquist

Interaction Between Galanin-Like Peptide (GALP) and Estradiol in the Control of Reproduction and Energy Homeostasis in Female Rats, Emily Leathley

Regulation of Stem Cell-like Behavior by the Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase, FRK-1, during Post-embryonic Development in the Nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans., Kelsey Moore, James Bour, and Sherri Smith

Isolating pure compounds from seeds of Bocconia frutescens to test for anti-fungal activity, Robert Muterspaugh

The Use of AroB and Agt1. Nuclear Markers in the Investigation of the Homoploid Hybrid Speciation Origin of Stewartia Ovata, Pieter Norden

Isolation and Characterization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants defective in Unsaturated Fatty Acid Recognition, Regina O'Brien, Caitlin Peirce, and Katherine Heneveld

Generation and Comparative Analyses of Genome-scale Metabolic Models for the Genus Shewanella using the Model SEED, Caitlin Peirce

Identification of Fungistatic Compounds in the Seeds of Phytolacca rivinoides, A Costa Rican Cloud Forest Plant, Anne Short

Tritrophic Effects of a Fungal Endophyte: Parasitoid Host Preference, Sioned Sitkiewicz

Isolation and Identification of Fungistatic Compounds from Seeds of Guettarda poasana, Ingrid Slette