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Artists' Statement: When I spotted the book 'Fashion', I was instantly curious to see which fifty fashion designers made up this 'most influential' book. While flipping through the pages, I was intrigued by the information expressed on each two-page spread the designers received. When I reached the page titled, 'Alexander McQueen,' located in the center of the book, I was left unsatisfied. I did not think those two simple pages did him justice. That is when I knew I was going to make him 'The Queen of Fashion.' Alexander McQueen displays an underlying meaning throughout his work, and I wanted to display this throughout my book. His bold personality inspired me to 'take over' other designer's pages with his ideas. I wanted to recognize his dark elegance and teach other's [sic] to see the beauty in his designs. This book is a tribute to him, and shows my appreciation for his uniqueness and talent. I truly believe that the Legacy of Lee Alexander McQueen will live on, and his designs will continue to inspire the fashion industry.'


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