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Mental Health within Residency
Kelsey Lewis and Christopher Krieg


Promoting Best Practices in the Tenure Process
Ashley Krause and Gabbi Werner


Perceptual Differentiation of African American and European American Children Based on Gender and Ethnicity of Listeners
Emily Simmons, Dalila Salas, Nicole Marsh, Julia Licata, Brooke Ledsworth, and Marissa Lozser


The Effects of Disasters on View of and Relationship with God
Andrew Shay, Kelsey Cox, Russell Houpt, Megan Edwards, Kirstin Diepholz, and Rachel Hibbard


Acoustic Variation among African American and European American Children: Age, Gender, and Ethnicity
Dalila Salas, Emily Simmons, Nicole Marsh, Julia Licata, Brooke Ledsworth, and Marissa Loszer


Associations of Religious, Spiritual, and Health Behaviors Examined Through Daily Diary Methods
Allison Johnson, Heather DeBoer, Reagan Spindler, and Samuel Kuiper


The Effects of Priming Heroes on Helping Intentions and Meaning in Life
Rachel Hibbard, Megan Edwards, and Kirstin Diepholz


The Superior Colliculus (SC) is Necessary for the Normal Display of Diurnal Behavior in Nile Grass Rats
Alyssa Goodwin, Ohanes Khacherian, Laura Teal, and Carolina Marshall


Self-Regulation as an Underpinning Mechanism of Virtue
Kerri Knoll, Erin Freiburger, Rebekah Loker, and Natasha Jaina Bernal

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